J1589: Super Sphere Sorter with Sensory Balls

Key data

Category: J - Science Technology Engineering Art and Maths

Location: O (On loan)

Shelf Location:

Age range: Unknown

Number of pieces: 19

Number of unique pieces: 15


1 Large Blue Jingle Ball

1 Blue Foam Ball

2 Rainbow Balls (1 currently missing)

1 Blue Six Point Ball

1 Orange Spiky Balls

2 Small Yellow Foam Balls

1 Large Yellow Foam Ball

2 Plastic Balls

2 Tennis Balls

1 Soft Spiky Green Balls

1 Green Spiky Balls

1 Purple Ball With Holes (1 currently missing)

1 Red Ball With Holes

1 Black Storage Bag

1 mirrored wooden cube with holes



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